Blogrify FAQ

Questions about Blogrify’s blogging service

Who are your writers?

Our writers are freelancers that we have discovered over time and with whom we have worked for a long time. They are all native English speaker. Some are seasoned bloggers; others are professional writers with expertise in a specific industry. Articles are assigned to writers based on their fields of expertise.

We evaluate our writers’ skills in a given industry based on the articles they have previously written and an interview with them about their past work experiences and personal interests. We work exclusively with trusted writers that we have evaluated.

What measures are in place to ensure the quality of the articles?

Your orders are always be handled by an account manager who is experienced in content marketing. This manager is responsible for selecting the best writer for your articles and for providing them with precise drafting guidelines adapted to your needs. These guidelines are, on average, 2 pages long and cover all the important elements of writing an effective blog article (tone, style, structure, format, content, etc.).

Once the article is written, it is first evaluated by your account manager, and, if necessary, it is returned to the writer to make any required modifications and improvements. Once your account manager is satisfied with the writer’s work, he or she sends the article to our editor. The latter re-reads the content to ensure that it is flawless. For those who have chosen the VIP or DELUXE service level, the account manager then adds a relevant image to illustrate the article, finalize the SEO optimization and deliver the article into your CMS.

Articles are assigned to writers based on their fields of expertise. We evaluate our writers’ skills in a given industry based on the articles they have previously written and an interview with them about their past work experiences and personal interests. We work exclusively with trusted writers that we have evaluated. As an additional precautionary measure, we use sophisticated tools to detect plagiarism. Copyscape Premium is our tool of choice.

What types of articles do you write?

Most articles we write are intended to provide advices, useful and interesting information and to answer questions your target clientele may have about your industry. This type of content draws your target to your website when he or she is seeking information before buying a product or service. As a result, you’ll attract potential buyers from Google, social networks and other traffic sources. This type of article is also generally easier to promote since they are very informative and do not, at first glance, have an obvious commercial motive. This is the kind of content you need for online content marketing via a blog.

You can find several examples of this type of content here.

Upon request by our clients, we do sometimes write other kinds of articles. Ex: writing based on an audio recording of an interview, writing an article to promote your services, updating an existing article, presenting your suppliers, etc.

Can I see examples of your articles?

These articles have been written by the same writers that create content for our clients. You can also order a test on the topic of your choice.

Is it possible to order a test before subscribing to a plan?

Yes, you can order a test article before deciding to subscribe to our service. You can also contact us if you would like to ask us questions or get more information before ordering. Please note that all our plans are non-binding. You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply cancelling your renewal.

What exactly is included in your plans?

It depends on the service level you choose. The VIP service includes:

  1. Articles created by a writer who is experienced in your industry
  2. Images to illustrate your articles
  3. Optimization for search engines (meta title tag, meta description tag, inclusion of your keywords in the content)
  4. Delivery into your CMS. We can also deliver the articles to you in a Word document, if you prefer.
  5. Topic suggestions

Will I be the sole owner of the content you write on my behalf?

Yes, you have 100% ownership of your articles. We have a clear agreement with our writers on this matter.

Will there be links to other websites in the articles?

We like to include links to third-party sources of information because we believe that this makes the articles richer and more credible. Needless to say, we do not include links to any competing websites.

If you prefer that the articles do not contain any links, we can tailor your articles accordingly. Just let us know.

Are images included?

Yes, we find images to illustrate the articles. Please note that these images are the exclusive property of their respective authors. We pay for the right to use them.

Where do the images come from?

We use several sources. We take many illustrations in image databases. We also use royalty-free stock photos published under the CC0 license. When necessary, we may use images from other websites and cite their source accordingly. Lastly, we can use images from your website to showcase your products.

Can I request an edit to an article?


Can you create articles in collaboration with our team?

You can give us information and guidelines for writing your articles, and we will pass them along to the writer assigned to your blog to ensure that he or she is writing articles that meet your expectations. However, we do not put our writers into direct contact with our clients.

Can you do interviews?

No. Our writers create content based entirely on their personal knowledge of your industry, Internet researches, content found on your site and any information that you provide to us. However, we can write articles based on an audio recording of an interview you have conducted.

Can you help us find interesting topics for our articles?

Topic suggestion is included in the VIP service.

Is it possible to have a customized plan?

We can customize your plan in 2 ways. We can change the length of articles and the frequency of publication. The plans available on this page are the most popular and meet the needs of most of our customers. Contact us for more information about the pricing of your customized plan.

Questions about blogging

I do not have a blog yet. What's the best way to start?

You can create a blog for free on WordPress.com. For more personal support, we can recommend a WordPress developer. Contact us for more information.

Shouldn’t I be the one to write content for my blog?

Ideally, yes, but in practice, that’s not always possible.

Some professionals lack the time required to create blog content, do not have the proper resources or simply do not like to write.

Blogrify is there for them to create posts for their blog on a regular basis.

Questions about your subscription

Do your plans require commitment?

No. You can cancel your renewal at any time.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with your credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro and American Express) or with your PayPal account.

Is payment for renewal automatic?

Yes, but you remain in control and can cancel your renewal at any time in your account or by contacting us.

Do the prices listed on the website include all applicable taxes and fees?

Yes. The price displayed is the amount you pay.


Can you create articles for our clients’ blogs?

Yes. We already do this for several agencies. Contact us.

Do you offer a discount for agencies?

Upon your request, we can offer a discount when you have at least 2 active subscriptions within the same industry.


What is Blogrify?

Learn more about us here.

How do I start a collaboration with Blogrify?

The best way to start working with us is to order a test article. Your first article is offered at a discounted price, and through this test article, you will be able to ensure that our service meets your needs before deciding to subscribe to a plan. You can also contact us if you have any questions or simply want more information.

Can we arrange a phone appointment?

In order to avoid any potential misunderstandings with regard to your needs and order processing, Blogrify operates entirely online. That way, we can refer to our exchanges at any time and deliver articles to you that flawlessly meet your expectations. This method of operation allows us focus on the quality of each of our delivered articles.

Please use this form to contact us instead. We will be able to tell you if we are knowledgeable about your specific industry and answer all your questions via email.

Haven’t found the answer to your question?

Contact us via this form.

We’d be glad to answer all your questions.

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