How to Do Great Digital PR on a Limited Budget

How to Do Great Digital PR on a Limited Budget

How to Do Great Digital PR on a Limited Budget

Developing a proper public relations tactic or strategy is tremendously important and a major factor of a company’s success.

Sadly, for many businesses, developing a high-quality or great digital PR plan can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

As a result, companies tend to forget or ignore the possibility of developing a great digital PR strategy. The reality is, even companies on limited budgets can do digital PR.

Understanding Digital Public Relations

The public relations industry has completely changed over the course of the past 10 years. In fact, the traditional style of PR has completely shifted and been taken over with the rise of the digital industry.

Given the social media revolution, the rise of search engines and digital local marketing, many companies are beginning to adapt new forms of public relations that are proven more effective.

With this being said, companies are able to adapt new PR strategies that, once costly, could actually be almost costless.

If you are struggling to develop a great digital PR strategy due to your budget, fear no more. Here is one proven way that your company can begin developing a stronger presence in your community or industry.

Social media

If your business is not utilizing social media right now, you are missing out on numerous opportunities. In the past 10 years, social media has easily revolutionized the marketing and advertising industry, making it easier for businesses to not only market their products and company but also connect with their audience.

To demonstrate this impact, let’s look at these quite shocking statistics from Hootsuite:

In light of this, one way that you can do great digital PR on a limited budget is utilizing social media to your advantage. With nearly 3 billion people on social media, could you disagree?

With several different social media platforms, companies can promote their products, launch giveaways, connect with their audience, and even build a presence locally for free. It’s easily one of the best platforms any business could invest in.


Facebook is the most important social media for any company on a limited budget. In fact, out of all the social media platforms, the most powerful and popular is Facebook. With immense opportunities for your company to grow, expand and market for affordable prices, there is no reason or excuse why your company should not be on there.

First and foremost, Facebook has completely redefined the digital marketing and advertising culture with their simple-to-use promotional services, audience demographics and powerful algorithms.

Depending on your budget, you can target a local audience and reach thousands of users for a mere $10-$100. Through properly developing an audience, your company can easily begin gaining traction locally or nationally with a few clicks—and for significantly cheaper than traditional public relations costs.

On top of the powerful feature of promoting your company or posts for cheap, you can engage with your target audience or join numerous relevant groups containing your target audience, freely marketing your company or product and connecting with your audience around the world. Sadly, many companies and people discount the power of Facebook groups because they do not take the time to research or find the right groups.

Now, some Facebook groups may limit your opportunity to market your business. If that seems to be happening to you, take a look at these 5 ways you can use Facebook groups to market your company from Business 2 Community:

There is still one more method worth mentioning for great digital PR through Facebook. We are living in a time and age in which “going-live” is the “it” thing. In fact, it is safe to say that going-live is one of the trendiest ways to perform digital PR in 2017. Through going-live, you give your company an opportunity to share content directly with your audience in real time.

On top of this, we urge you to consider the power of Facebook Live due to the rise of video marketing in 2017. In fact, according to KPCB, in 2017, online videos will account for almost 75% of ALL online traffic. Video marketing is becoming a thing, and Facebook Live is your opportunity to participate for free.


If you are planning on doing great digital PR, one of the best social media platforms available to you is Twitter. With this platform, your company can focus on building a local reputation, generate brand awareness and create some buzz in your industry.

To date, Twitter has nearly 317 million active users, further proving its position as a leader in the digital PR world. So, if your company is not in the Twitter-Universe just yet, you might want to reconsider right now.

Whether you are on Twitter or not, we have some proven tips and tricks that will help you build a reputation and a presence.

  • Focus on posting consistent, valuable content that targets your audience.
  • Follow a minimum of 50-100 target audience members per month.
  • Study trending hashtags and relevant industry-leading conversations.
  • Interact with target audience and other companies.

One company that has a great understanding of the power of Twitter for digital PR is HubSpot. Look at their Twitter account for ideas and inspiration for your company’s Twitter.


If you are not convinced that social media is an extremely powerful way for you to perform great digital PR on a limited budget, wait until you learn about the powerful platform of Instagram. Instagram is one of the largest image-hosting platforms in the entire world, closing in on 1 billion users, making this a great resource for your company.

Instagram is driven by trending hashtags, making it even easier for your business to gain a presence around the world. On top of this, Instagram also has quite an impressive advertising option like that of Facebook.

Take the time to capture and create beautiful images of your products or company and connect with your audience with ease. We suggest that before you begin posting any images on your Instagram, study your competition and design your Instagram to look aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at famous car maker, Audi, for an example here.


One of the most underused and underestimated social media platforms to date is Pinterest. Sadly, many businesses discount the power of Pinterest and see it as a waste of time. If that sounds like you, it’s time to change your perception. Pinterest is easily one of the BEST social media platforms for free digital PR.

Pinterest has different ways that you can connect with your target audience. One of the best and quickest ways to do so is through connecting with fellow community groups. Like Facebook, Pinterest has numerous groups where businesses can share their products and content and connect with fellow businesses or target audience members.

On top of this, Pinterest has the option for you to advertise your pins (products) for relatively cheap and get more exposure than any other social media platform. All it takes is the time to create beautiful Pinterest images that people will either click or save.

If you are not sold on the power of Pinterest, check out the success stories of companies like Sephora on their website. As you can see, there is something magical about Pinterest and it’s time for you to tap into it.

To begin, create a business account for your company and start creating beautiful images to represent your product, store or website. To create images, consider using websites like, which is one of the most widely used websites for image creation. From there, optimize your Pinterest Boards, join different community boards, follow your target audience and begin pinning!

For an example of an optimized Pinterest account, check out Etsy’s Pinterest at

Start today, results tomorrow

If you have a limited budget, there is no reason to fear the expensive costs of public relations. Through understanding the multi-faceted power of social media in the digital age, your company can begin to do great digital PR regardless of your budget. Who can deny the opportunity of free digital PR?